You can help fight crime in the Orrville community. Members of the public can share important crime information anonymously with the police department by sending a secure message about crimes or suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

The easiest way to do this is by using the OPD TIP411 App, which puts a powerful new crime-fighting tool into the hands of community members. The FREE app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from iTunes App Store.

If you can’t or don’t want to download the FREE app, anyone with a cell phone may send an anonymous tip to the Orrville Police Department by texting 847411. Start the message with our unique keyword OPD and then enter your tip message. The keyword is important, as it lets the TIP411 software know where you want the tip to go. The OPD App and the TIP411 anonymous text a tip system enables the public to share anonymous tips with police and allows the officers to respond back creating an anonymous two-way conversation.

Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through the TIP411 Web Interface at the link below. The link will take you to the TIP411 web-form and allow you to leave your anonymous tip.

We keep repeating it, because its true. The OPD App, the TIP411 text a tip system, and the web interface are 100% anonymous, as the TIP411 technology removes all identifying information before the police department sees the tip and there is no way to identify the sender.  Be sure to save/record your tip ID. You can use the ID to login to view feedback about your tip from the agency/group. Just enter the ID on the tip submit page and any feedback about your tip from the group will display. You can then submit additional information to the group using the tip form.

Along with the new OPD App, the TIP411 text a tip system, and the website tip interface, the Orrville Police Department is also offering the TIP411 ALERT SYSTEM from CitizenObserver, an interactive way to keep the community connected and informed through email, text message and online public safety alerts. Using the TIP411 ALERT SYSTEM, members of the community can register at the link below to receive alerts from the Orrville Police Department via email and/or text message to their cell phone by opting to receive alerts about public safety issues in their area.

Please remember that TIP411 is not meant for emergencies, or even urgent need of police assistance. Call 9-1-1 for all emergencies and the non-emergency line 330-684-5025 for other police assistance. TIP411 is for providing information after a crime has occurred or to let us know about on-going issues in your neighborhood.

Click to sign up for TIP411 Community Alerts for Orrville.

Submit a tip to TIP411.

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