The Orrville Police Department is launching a new program just in time for the busy season for thieves. Over the next several days packages will be arriving at homes, even well into the night. This can attract thieves to the neighborhood, also know as “porch pirates,” that roll up to homes and swipe the packages from porches.


The Orrville Security Camera Registry (OSCR) program is designed so officers investigating crimes like this or other suspicious activity can check a database of homes in the area that have security cameras. If we see a camera is registered in the vicinity of a crime or other suspicious circumstances we can quickly contact the resident and ask if they would be willing to review their footage and let us know if they see the suspicious activity. This can help us identify persons or individuals who may be involved in criminal activity. We have had much success in the past by canvassing neighborhoods after an incident has taken place and asking homeowners if they have a video system and if so, would they be willing to check the recordings to see if they caught the activity on video. By registering camera systems, it would greatly speed up the process of contacting homeowners via email or phone rather than in person and aid us in solving crimes or locating missing persons.

Registration of your video surveillance system DOES NOT grant the Orrville Police Department, or its agents, access to your system.  It simply lets us know the location of homes in Orrville that are equipped with security cameras that might have video that could aid in an investigation.


There is no cost to register and residents can have their information removed at any time. If you would like to register your home security camera or learn more about the program, click here to be taken to the registration page.

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