2020 has been a year full of unique challenges. Many events that have been very important to our community have been cancelled. When the pandemic first hit full force in March, the idea that our Shop with a Cop program would be in jeopardy was not even a consideration. But as fall arrived and the cases began to increase, the notion that our program, now in it’s thirteenth year, might not happen started to sink in.

In early October, we were still holding out hope that we could manage to physically meet the children and their parents at Walmart and safely hold the event by maintaining strict social distancing and by allowing the parents to help their children select gifts. Nonetheless, the cases continued to skyrocket and new restrictions were enacted. It was clear that the traditional program could not happen.

Shop with a Cop 2020

But, as any police officer will tell you, we must be prepared to adapt to ever changing circumstances and complete the mission. In 2020, the mission was more important than ever before!

So with some help from our friends at the Orrville Elementary School, we were able to select some students to participate. Then after some crazy online shopping we were able to get the gifts for each kid. Soon the deliveries started rolling in and members were busily wrapping presents. This past weekend, officers dispersed throughout the community to deliver the presents to many happy, smiling kids.

We would like to thank everyone who helps make this program and for our gracious community donations year after year. While 2020 was nothing like our typical Shop with a Cop program, in many ways it will go down as one of our most memorable programs!

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