The Orrville School District will begin the 2021-22 school year next Tuesday, August 17th. For residents who don’t have children in the school district, it is easy to forget that school is in session.

With that in mind, extra officers will be assigned to patrol the school zones. In addition, we have positioned electronic speed signs in the school zones to help remind motorists of the reduced speed zones. As always our goal is not to issue tickets, but to simply slow down motorists.

Besides speed limits in school zones, motorists also need to be prepared for school buses. It might be a good idea to leave work a few minutes early to account for the potential of getting behind a school bus. Local buses make a number of stops in the mornings and afternoons and as a reminder, it is not only very dangerous, but illegal to pass a bus when the flashing red lights are displayed while picking up and dropping off students.

For more tips on back to school safety tips for drivers, follow this link.

Help Wanted

School Crossing Guard

The Crossing Guard position still needs filled at the intersection of North Elm Street and Hostetler Road. Interested applicants can learn more here: School Crossing Guard Job Opening

Residents must keep in mind that this crossing will most likely not have a Crossing Guard in place at the start of the school year.


OHUDDLE is in need of mentors. Can you help mentor an Orrville student for a half hour per week? If interested, please follow this link.

Turning Point Coalition

Turning Point Coalition is a community-based volunteer organization that works to help create an environment in our community that will help keep youth alcohol, tobacco and drug free. TPC is always looking for new members, if interested click here to join.

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