The Orrville Police Department is hiring.

After nearly three weeks of advertising, there have only been three applicants, which means this is a golden opportunity for someone to land a law enforcement career with one of the very best compensation and benefits packages in the region.

Here are the basics of that package:

Pay Range: $29.28 to $37.89 hourly/ $60,902 to $78,811.20

Overtime: The average police officer worked 330 hours of overtime in 2021. That potentially translates into an additional $14,493 to $18,757. Based on these totals when added to base pay, officers (on average) could earn around $75,395 to $97,568.

Comp Time: Officers are permitted to convert overtime into Comp Time. Officers can “bank” up to 480 hours of Comp Time and are eligible to take up to 4 weeks off using Comp Time annually in addition to their paid vacation and personal days!

Personal Days: Three personal days are earned on January 1 each year. Every quarter that an officer does not use sick leave, the officer earns another Personal Day for a potential total of 7 Personal Days a year!

Uniform Allowance: Officers receive an annual payment (NOT PURCHASE ORDER…pay) of $1,400 to use for purchasing duty related equipment and uniform allowance/maintenance.

Shift Differential: Officers working 2nd or 3rd shift receive an additional .25 cents an hour for shift differential pay.

Special Unit Bonus: Members of the Tactical Response Team, Investigative Unit, Technology Team, School Resource Officers (SRO’s), the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Bike Unit and the K9 Unit receive an annual $500 bonus.


  • After 1 year of service: 80 hours (2 weeks)
  • After 5 years of service: 120 hours (3 weeks)
  • After 11 years of service: 160 hours (4 weeks)
  • After 17 years of service: 200 hours (5 weeks)

In case you missed it, a non-probationary officer with less than 5 years of service, 160 hours of overtime and perfect attendance could easily attain up over 7 weeks of paid time off annually!

HEARD ENOUGH? Click HERE to Apply NOW. Deadline is Monday August 29th at 5 p.m.

Equipment: New officers are issued approximately $10,000 in uniforms and new equipment including an Apple iPhone, external ballistic vest, Smith and Wesson 9 mm M&P 2.0 pistol, MARCS radio, AXON Body 3 camera, TASER, Pepper Spray, and full complement of 5.11 uniforms.

Most officers are assigned their own cruiser, with several allowed to take them home (subject to restrictions).

Training: The Orrville Police Department prides itself on providing officers with tremendous opportunities for professional growth through training.

College reimbursement for approved coursework. Currently, three members of the Orrville Police Department are improving themselves through online college coursework.

Beginning in 2016, every single officer has been sent to the 40 hour SWAT training course after completing probation. Our philosophy is that if officers are expected to respond to a critical incident, we owe it to them to provide them with the knowledge and skills to do so as safely as possible!

In addition, all patrol officers have been provided with 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training (C.I.T. certified). We believe that when a crisis exists, no one should have to wait for a unit uniquely trained to deal with that situation to respond!

Those are just two examples of training officers often have to wait years to attend…if ever!

For those seeking future promotion, every member at the rank of Sergeant or above attends the three week Police Executive Leadership College (PELC).

Specialized Units:

  • Tactical Response Team (TRT)
  • Investigative Unit
  • School Resource Officers (SRO’s) (OPENINGS EXIST FOR TWO MORE!)
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
  • Technology “Tech” Unit
  • Bike Unit

Cutting Edge Technology:

  • (NEW IN 2022) State of the art, 4K Public Safety Camera System with License Plate Readers throughout the city and accessible by officers in their cruisers and department issued iPhones.

Calling All SRO’s!!

We also have an immediate need for those wanting to become School Resource Officers. This is a unique opportunity for existing SRO’s to potentially be assigned to work as a School Resource Officer.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity…Apply NOW!

As mentioned earlier, ONLY three applications have been received as of Tuesday August 23rd and the deadline is Monday at 5 p.m. Click here to get an application.

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